Crews Talks PAA Table Rock

Toyota All Start Week Plans Too

Former PAA President John Crews, a Bassmaster Elite Series pro is at Table Rock Lake for the Bass Pro Shops PAA Tournament Series presented by Carrot Stix. Crews checked in and gave us an update on the fishing conditions at “The Rock,” and what to expect for the tournament.

“The Lake is 10 feet over full pool, and there are a lot of bushes in the water,” said Crews. “The good news is that this lake can handle it because of the bluff nature and because it has been stable for a couple of weeks; the fishing is pretty good.”

Crews said that he feels like catching bass won’t be an issue for the tournament, that a number of programs will be accessible t the field. He also said that while the early talk was pointing to 18 to 20-pound limits at the winning end f the field; he feels that the 17 to 18-pound range might be more accurate.

“I’m getting plenty of bites; both shallow and out,” he said. “I think both types of bites are going to be a factor, but this lake is a deep water lake, and I suspect that the outside bite may be the strongest.”

Crews said that he caught his first “Meanmouth” during his practice session; a mix between smallmouth and spotted bass; and the fish measured 15 inches.”

Crews also told us about a pledge he made to Don Barone’s Tackle the Storm Foundation. Crews has volunteered to give a percentage of his winnings to the Tackle the Storm charity if he is voted in to the Bassmaster Toyota Trucks All Star Week and he wins the event. He issued a statement on the topic via email, and the statement is below.

Starting today and running until July 10, there is a Fan Favorite contest on The voting will determine the final 4 anglers to fish in the Toyota Trucks All Star week at the end of July in Alabama. People can vote once a day until July 10 with an email address.

My pledge is that if I am voted into the All Star Week and win, I will donate $25,000 to the Tackle the Storm Foundation. In addition, if I am voted in the All Star week, I will also donate $5 per pound of bass that I weigh during the competition. In other words, if I get in All Star Week, the kids will benefit.

As we all know, the south was devastated by a massive series of storms and tornado outbreak this spring. Many, many kids lost everything. Tackle the Storm is dedicated to helping those kids get their fishing gear back and continue the sport we all love. It truly will grow the sport. Please help me help these kids get fishing back in their life. Over the past month or so, I have seen content reminders about the storms as I see trees and houses ripped apart around lakes from Georgia to Alabama to Missouri.

It is my goal to first of all, increase the awareness for Tackle the Storm. It is a great cause. Second of all, if I voted in, the kids will get some type of donation and hopefully I can create more attention to the cause during the week.

I appreciate all the support and helping get this message out.

John Crews”

To vote go to

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