Benton, KY – The Professional Anglers Association (PAA) has just finalized their annual elections for the PAA Board of Directors and elected new officers. John Crews of Salem, Virginia is the President. Sean Hoernke of Magnolia, Texas is the Vice President. Kurt Dove of Del Rio, Texas is the Secretary. Dave Mansue of Robbinsville, New Jersey remains as the Treasurer.

“I am extremely honored to serve the PAA as President,” explains Crews. “This position is very important, which also means quite a lot of work and responsibility. I plan to continue what the previous Presidents and Boards have accomplished. They laid the foundation and started to build the organization. The PAA has tripled in members over the past year. I will see to it that the PAA continues to grow and serve their members as best we can.”

The PAA members voted 3 new members to the Board of Directors and re-elected Kurt Dove and Paul Elias. Paul Elias of Laurel, Mississippi rejoins the PAA Board. Elias was the first President of the PAA at its John Crews PAA President inception and will serve a three year term on the Board. Kurt Dove of Del Rio, Texas finished his one year term on the Board in 2008 and was re-elected to serve another two year term starting in 2009. Those newly elected to the board serving three year terms are Matt Reed of Madisonville, Texas; Zell Rowland of Montgomery, Texas and Brian Snowden of Reeds Spring, Missouri. Snowden won the first E21 Carrot Stix PAA Tournament Series event of 2009 on Lake Toho in Kissimmee, Florida.

Leaving the Board are Kevin VanDam, Stacey King, Mark Davis, and Tim Horton. Davis, Van Dam, and Horton are all previous Presidents of the PAA. Horton was last year’s President. Their experience will be missed but one previous President seems very happy with the new Board additions and new officers..

Tim Horton stated, “The one thing that is important to the PAA with this election is continuity. There are new and returning members with a mix of veterans and younger pros. Our previous Vice President, Chad Morgenthaler, is remaining on the Board. Dave Mansue handled our FishPAA TV and Kurt Dove ran the web site committee. John Crews, our new President, spearheaded the Payday Program to give General Members a huge benefit to join us. The PAA is in good hands.”

2009 PAA Board of Directors & Officers

* John Crews President
* Sean Hoernke Vice President
* Kurt Dove Secretary
* Dave Mansue Treasurer

* Paul Elias
* Kelly Jordon
* Chad Morgenthaler
* Matt Reed
* Zell Rowland
* Brian Snowden

Learn more about the PAA Officers and Board members.

The Professional Anglers Association is a non-profit organization that gives professional anglers a unified voice in order to aid in the growth of the sport of professional bass fishing. The PAA also aims to administer educational programs to the average angler, to increase enjoyment of the sport, and to embrace sound conservation practices to further the future of the sport.

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