Getting practical information from your electronics


Modern electronics will give us information we couldn’t even dream about 10 or 12 years ago. Frankly, I can’t imagine trying to fish a high-level tournament without my Raymarine units. But they don’t replace common sense and basic angler skills.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use your units to give you practical information the next time you’re out chasing bass.

Marking trails and waypoints with your GPS can be useful if you use those features wisely. Turn your trails on and you can see where you’ve been. That’s helpful if you want to cover a sizeable area without missing spots or without wasting your time by going over the same water twice. And, if you’re on a new lake, they’ll help if you want to keep an eye on where you’ve been and where you’re at. They’re also good for marking shortcuts or routes through hazardous water.

If you fish the same lake all the time, however, you might want to turn them off. You know where you’re at and what’s out there so why clutter your screen with a wad of spaghetti-looking strings? All that’ll do is keep you from seeing the information you really do need.

Marking waypoints is helpful if you want to return to the same spot again, but don’t become a prisoner to them. If you mark a spot that’s full of fish one day but go back the next day to the same spot and things have changed, you need to change. It’s a waypoint, not a fish.


Daily Limit: Pay by the pound


Johns Crews has auctioned autism puzzle jerseys the past few years and now is donating by the pound.

Leading might benefit John Crews’ pocketbook, but his weight is going to cost him money.

Crews’ 20-pound, 7-ounce bag leads after Day 1 of the Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Elite at Wheeler Lake. He’s hoping it helps secure much more than a top 50, because for every pound he catches, his donation total grows. Crews, a longtime supporter of Autism Awareness campaigns, and running mates Mike Iaconelli and Ish Monroe promised to donate a dollar for each pound of bass they total in the three Elite events in April, Autism Awareness Month.

This moved Mickey Grant and partner George Thomas from Trailer Hook Pal to act. Grant’s teenage son, Joseph, has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum.

“John’s desire to help people who deal with autism is so touching to me and my family that we decided to match what he, Ish and Mike are doing this month,” Grant said. “Not only will we match what those three are doing, but we are going to include the same dollar per pound amount for the weights of Trailer Hook Pal pro staffers Shaw Grigsby and Mark Menendez as well.”

Grant will be making his donation to the Autism Self Advocacy Network, where Crews also will donate. Crews said he is encouraged by his Elite Series counterparts and people like Grant and Elite emcee Dave Mercer.

“The fact that we are getting support from other people in the industry is what this is all about,” said Crews, who had worn special puzzle jerseys in April then auctioned them for autism charities. “We appreciate the type of support and hope this will encourage more to donate and talk about Autism.”

After Winyah Bay, Bulls Shoals/Norfork and now Wheeler, the five angler’s performances could bring significant donations. For his part, Monroe said that he is happy to hear others taking part and caring enough to get involved, but he also said that he wants to make sure the donations are as high as possible.

“I love this cause, and my friend’s hearts for it,” Monroe said. “I’m gonna do everything I can to put a nice dent in Mr. Grant’s pocketbook.”

Grant answered by saying “Bring it on. This is a cause that is close to us and near and dear to my heart, and I hope they all combine to hit 1,000 pounds; I would love to be able to write that check.”

For more information about ASAN, visit them on the web at

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