“I had the idea as something the PAA could do to add benefits to all tournament anglers”. The statement from PAA Pro, John Crews, stems from his vision of a perpetual grass-roots plan to increase payout incentive for tournament anglers of all levels.

Crews chairs the committee overseeing the development of the PAA Payday plan. “Everyone contributed great ideas and criticisms to the plan”, said Crews, who was speaking of other pro’s like Michael Murphy, Kevin Wirth, Dan O’Sullivan, Dave Wolak and Chad Morgenthaler. The team believes that the PAA Payday will be an added reason for anglers to fish the various trails that participate in the program. Crew’s explained that everyone has been very responsive to the idea. “We think this program will become a standard for anglers to be a part of, or they will miss out on added opportunities to make extra money”.

The PAA Payday program will include anglers from entry level events to semi-Pro levels. The participating tournament organizations list will be continually updated as more and more organizations take part in the PAA Payday plan.

Crews pointed out that the PAA is becoming more and more active in the creation of progressive incentive ideas. Programs such as the PAA Affinity Partner’s program will “be a pleasant surprise” to anglers that want real discounts on available items, including Abu Garcia reels and T-H Marine Atlas jack-plates.

The manic mood-swings of the Nation’s economy have had an impact on the fishing industry, giving berth to some new and creative ideas that will continue to help tournament fishing stay afloat. Plans such as the PAA Payday program which are developed by pro’s for anglers across the board will give a lot of competitors new reason to keep casting for cash.

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