Spro Little John MD

Wired2Fish Bait Junkies love to see and test prototype baits and as we get closer to ICAST a feverish pitch of new baits has consumed us. Just about everyday the UPS truck stops at the loading dock and we race to see what is new and how many boxes we received. The razor knife makes quick work of the packing tape and we look like kids at Christmas.

As die hard bait aficionados we know what we like and we know what trips our trigger. Hard to explain maybe but when we see it we know it. Can’t necessarily tell you why but no doubt there are baits that at first glance get our time.

One that we recently found a “love at first site” relationship with is the Spro Little John MD, Medium Diver. With all of the same great characteristics of the Little John, the MD dives from 4-6 foot effectively, ran true out of the box and is bullet proof. Durable, dives straight and true and the it flat catches them.

Some other notable findings:

It’s a plastic bait sized perfectly that fishes like balsa flat-side.

It weighs a 1/2-ounce and casts accurately over long distances even in the wind.

It’s very compact, and balanced perfectly for a stop-and-go retrieve.

The internal soft tungsten gives it a unique sound, a muffled deep sound.

It comes with super-sharp No. 5 Gamakatsu trebles and has a great feel and outstanding durability.

It has a deeper wobble than the Little John and works great in stained water.

Spro and Elite Series pro John Crews has again brought anglers a bait that performs exceedingly well, is priced effectively, and is better than most others like it in the marketplace. I recommend you try it out.

The Inside Scoop

The Little John crank is available in a myriad of colors, 13 we think, and will retail for around $12. They’ll hit store shelves soon after ICAST.

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