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“SPRO has been around for about 10 years. In the past few years, the company has taken a different approach to selling lures. They have set out and hired top level pros. SPRO hired the pros to take over designing the new products. Huge dividends are being paid. The first product from the new SPRO model was the BronzeEye frog designed by Dean Rojas. The BronzeEye is one of the best selling lures in all of bass fishing in the past 2 years.

New additions to their pro staff include Gary Klien (jigs), Gary Dobyns (jerkbaits), and O.T. Fears (spinnerbaits). All of their pros have a specialty and that is the lure they are designing. I am also designing a bait for SPRO. We are building a unique flat sided shallow running crankbait. The prototypes are awesome! Keep an eye out for this bait in 2007!”

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“The SPRO Corporation is the eastern distributor for Gamakatsu. Through that affiliation, I am proud to be associated with Gamakatsu hooks. Early in my professional bass fishing I learned that when money was on the line, I want the best.

Gamakatsu assures me that I have the sharpest hook on the market tied to my line or bait. Here is a brief summary of which hooks I choose for the most popular techniques: flipping- EWG Superline 3/0 to 5/0, 5” Senko fishing- EWG Superline 5/0, Carolina rigging- offset shank round bend worm 2/0, nose hooking drop shot- Finesse Wide Gape #1, Texas rigged drop shot- EWG #1, jerk shad- EWG Superline 5/0, and skipping a finesse/ Shaky worm- Skip Gap 3/0. On my treble hooks, I have a few rules. Jerkbaits and topwaters always get round bend trebles since fish tend to slap at them.

On most all crankbaits I use round bends when the water temperature is below 60 to 65 degrees. I do that because they penetrate better than an EWG hook which helps get into the cold, tough bass’ face. On the other hand, warm waters allow me to use the EWG trebles since the softer, warm bass’ facial tissue allow the hooks to penetrate and will hold best.”

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