Vicious Line

Vicious Fishing is beginning a relationship with John Crews in 2010. Vicious Fishing makes all types of fishing lines and other fishing accessories. John will fish exclusively with their Ultimate Fishing line (co-polymer mono), Vicious Fluorocarbon line, and Vicious Braid. During the year, fans will also likely spot Crews sporting the hot, Vicious Fishing apparel that shows everyone what line he counts on. John will also be joining an outstanding pro staff including Gerald Swindle, Marty Stone, Pete Ponds, Tim Horton, and Kevin Short. “Fishing line is very important to me and my career,” says Crews.

“Vicious is making a quality product at prices that real people can afford. They make a sweet fluorocarbon, a fantastic mono, and an awesome braid. Anglers can now go to one company and get a great line for any application without getting confused. The best part is that the company is privately owned by a wonderful family, not a big corporation that is strictly profit driven.”

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