2005 Hack, Crews sign on

2005 Hack, Crews sign on
Carolina Lunker Sauce announced that Greg Hackney and John Crews have signed on to its pro staff for 2006. They’ll join Marty Stone on the “Get Sauced!” team.

“I’ve used it for about a year and I’m really a big fan of the product,” Crews said. “I like the fact that it slowly comes off the bait. It’s not cemented on there and when a bass comes up and noses the bait, he catches a whiff of what it smells like. Also, since it’s water-based, when it comes off it stays right in that area. If it was petroleum-based, it would shoot right to the surface and the fish wouldn’t smell it.”

Another bonus that stems from its water-based makeup is that it doesn’t stain fabric. “You can put your bait right on the deck and smear (Lunker Sauce) all over it and not worry about the carpet,” Crews said. “It washes right of clothes or anything.”

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